Handpuppen - die original Kumquats


  1. How can I make a Kumquats come to life?

    With two hands, one in the head and one in the left or right arm - like a ventriloquist - to learn more go to How to play Kumquats

  2. Can I wash my Kumquats?

    All Kumquats are washable in the washing machine. Read more at Kumquats care

  3. How can I buy a Kumquats puppet?

    You can get them at our Onlineshop.

  4. How do you make them?

    Lucy actually shows you how they are made in a couple of pictures click here

  5. Since when do Kumquats exist?

    The first puppet was born in 1993 and was a shooting star. Thereafter many sibling joined the family.

  6. Why did you name the Kumquats Kumquats?

    One of the first puppets was troll Waldemar and the clown Oskar and as you can see their skin color is orange like the Kumquat fruit. They are sweet as well, so that's why we named them Kumquats.

  7. Do you have custom made Kumquats?

    Sure. With the knowledge and experience we have making hand puppets we can basically make any hand puppet you want. Read more Custom made.

  8. How much is a Kumquats?

    Please find all the details in our Onlineshop.

  9. How long will it take to get one?

    Most of the Kumquats are in our warehouse and ready to go, but sometimes we have to sew them from scratch. Find out more Onlineshop.

  10. Is there a doctor for puppets?

    Sure, there is. Puppets can be cured from their injuries. Please contact us and we expalin the procedure to you.