Handpuppen - die original Kumquats

Professional Use...

Kumquats are successfully used in many business areas. A good example is the senior citizen care program where they developed a prgram called "Combi method". The Kumqutas handpuppet is the key component for this essential role.


When working with children the Kumquats handpuppets are instrumental to a faster access. The puppet takes away anxiety and the kid can express itself in a much easier way. It is an advantage that the puppet is 25" tall, which makes it to an equal friend of the kid.


Speech therapists, educators, teachers, physicians of any discipline, opticians, photogrpher, peace officers or firefighters - everybody who works with kids has succesfuly worked with the Kumquat puppet.



Here are some key facts why Kumquats handpuppets are etraordinary to use in an professional environment:


  • the lovely faces are able to connect very fast to your counterpart
  • the mouth is felxible to easily convey expressions
  • cold machine washability
  • durable due to outstanding quality
  • easy to repair if necessary

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