Handpuppen - die original Kumquats

How to play KUMQUATS

Here are some basic techniques to play with KUMQUATS:

1. Use your middle finger or index finger to operate the tongue.

2. With your thumb in the lower jaw and your the middle finger in the tongue. Use the rest of your fingers to operate the upper jaw. (Play around with were you put your fingers to create some unique facial expressions.)

3. If you put one hand in the back of the puppets head, and one hand in one of the two armholes, you can operate the puppets mouth and one arm. This allows the puppet to talk and physically interact. (Or use both hands without operating the mouth.)

4. You can also play with both arms, e.g. to dance with little children.

5. Make sure that when you play with the puppet it looks at the person(s) it is interacting with. To practice, use the puppet in front of the mirror.

6. Hold the puppet away from your body to create separation. This allows the puppet to have its own personality, not restricted by you the operator.

7. Let the puppet rest on your lap, or an object in front of you. A puppet sitting down is much more natural than a puppet hanging in the air. (If the situation allows)

8. Over time you will learn how it act and react with people. Natural behaviors make for better interactions. Interactions that are real separate you (the operator) from the puppet. This separation is crucial to make people interact with the puppet, not you!

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