Handpuppen - die original Kumquats

At The Dentist

Kumquats hand puppets are a great aid for dentists when they work with kids.

In our picture you can see an anxious kid being uncertain about the upcoming procedure. By using the Kumquats hand puppet, the dentist has the opportunity to explain the process and to take away the uncertainty of the child. They perceive the puppet as a kid and if the puppet can do it, then the child can do the same thing. The puppet creates confidence and it is easier for the dentist to connect with his little patient.

Our puppets with 20 teeth(fabric) are a great tool to demonstrate tooth brushing and general procedures at the dentist (prophylaxis). The puppet can demonstrate the above and the kid can copy the behavior.

"I chose Willi with teeth, because it was really easy for me to show the kids how to brush their teeth. I am working kids every day and we are talking about their teeth, how to brush them, how to eat right and many other things. I am always using Willi to show the kids how to hold the toothbrush and how they should brush their teeth."

Robert St., Dentist

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