Handpuppen - die original Kumquats


All Kumquats can be washed in the washing machine!

We recommend that you only wash the puppet there where it is actually dirty - this is usually the hands and face. Removable clothing should be washed separately - this particularly applies to our dress-up puppets.

You can wash the hands normally with a gentle detergent, the face should be wiped carefully with a gentle detergent.

All puppets are completely washable, this means that you can wash the puppet in the washing machine, should you have the heart to do so. If so, please observe the following: Undress the puppet as far as possible and place it in a pillowcase (this prevents the eyes from becoming scratched), cold wash, gentle spin, do not dry in the tumble dryer (if you do so you may find that you have a junior afterwards!)

Dry the puppet in the fresh air and finish off with the hairdryer. Please note that after a full wash the velvet clothes will no longer look so lustrous.

Brush the puppet's hair carefully with a wire animal-hair brush, it will loosen and regain its beauty. Please note that this does not apply to our "dreads" Jim, Jenny, Steve, Sally, Mike and Mary. This should keep your puppet looking as good as new! We wish you hours of fun with your special friend.

Regards Your KUMQUATS-Team