Handpuppen - die original Kumquats

At School


Kumquats hand puppets are being used in schools to teach foreign languages. The puppet only speaks the foreign language, like spanish or mandarin etc.. So the kids have to pick up the language to be able to communicate with the puppet, which will speed up their learning process.


Our Kumquats puppet attracts kids and supports the given instructions during class.



"It is a great pleasure to work with Susi Kumquats in the class room. In our school Susi is the best friend of all 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. She is so talented to get in touch with each individual kid and they are getting magically drawn to her. Susi lives in a quit corner and is used by the teachers as a reward during class - Susi's big hug is famous! Many of my colleagues are copying my sucessful way of using Susi in class and it is great to see when the kids are sneaking around the corner to play with Susi without my permission - they just love her. It was a great investment, which was worth every penny!"


Angela E.


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